Advantageous Asset Appraisal of Commercial Properties

At Cassinelli Valuation LLC in Tigard, Oregon, I make cogent asset appraisal to determine the true worth of commercial properties. My most valuable assets are my clients, which include the following organizations and career professionals:

• Financial Institutions
• Companies and Corporations
• Real Estate Developers
• Private Individuals
• Government Agencies
• Accountants and Attorneys

Multiproperty Scope
The services I render cover a diverse range of business concerns. My appraisal expertise applies to the following property types:

• Commercial
• Industrial
• Residential
• Apartments
• Resorts
• Agricultural
• Special Use

Appraisal Tools
All my appraisals are knowledge-based and technology-driven. So that I may serve my clients better, I make use of the following tools and information resources:

• State-of-the-Art Computers
• Analytical Software Programs
• Libraries of Comparable Resource and Data
• Property Sales Information
• Lease Transaction Information
• Property Data Retrieval Systems

Multifunctional Service Applications
Cassinelli Valuation LLC provides services with a keen focus on multifunctional service applications. My areas of competence include:

• Mortgage Financing
• Property Purchase and Disposition
• Lease and Rent Arbitration
• Litigation Support
• Property Condemnation
• Property Tax Analysis and Appeals
• Appraisals for Corporate Planning

Contact me in Tigard, Oregon, for inquiries about my detail-oriented asset appraisal of your commercial properties.